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Creative Force and the Origin

February 23rd, 2015

Creative Force and the Origin



The origin - the inner center
What is the deeper meaning of creative activity?
The deeper meaning of creative activity can only be the encounter with the origin.
Of course, you also want to create a beautiful artwork.
But the truly beautiful artwork is a result of the encounter with the origin.
Than the artwork also has within itself an inner center, its own internal origin.
From there, of this inner center, the life of the work flows.
Just as there is an origin of the whole universe, so there is also an origin in man himself.
For man is a small universe.
It is man's inner center, the center of his spiritual heart.
There is his origin.
From there life, love, light and truth flows.
The brain is an important tool, such as a computer, which arranges everything.
But the center of man is his heart, not his head.
One wants to live primarily in a world of love, not in a world of intellectual knowledge, although this is of course important.
Science recognizes an origin of the universe, even if it cannot be described exactly.
It's often called the "Big Bang" as an effect, but the “Big Bang” is not designated as the cause or origin.
One assumes a force that was before the "Big Bang".
Most religions call this first cause and origin of all: God.
This first cause and origin of this large universe finds in the inner universe of man a reflection.
Therefore, there is in man a true but often hidden origin.
This is his inner self, the spiritual heart of man.
Therefore a philosophy of creativity has to deal with the reality of the origin.
And this philosophy must teach at the same time a way, how to touch the origin and connect to it.
The meaning of creative activity is, therefore, to liberate this origin and touch it.
Without doubt the light of the origin alone can heal us.
The light of the origin alone can make us the people we are supposed to be in truth.
Therefore, Adoration Art calls serious painting "Source Touch Painting".
Therefore, one can call serious creative forming "Source Touch Forming".
"Source" is the source in us, the origin in us.
And "Touch" means, to get in contact with the origin.
Actually, we know about the nature of the origin still very little.
The origin is still a mystery.
But through the creative activity we can learn something about the origin.
After all creative activity can be a window to see the origin in operation.

New life force from the origin
We humans have a need of being connected to the origin.
Because, from the origin flows the force for the renewal of life.
Transformation and renewal of life is what we need constantly.
And the origin is the source from which the water of life flows.
If we humans understand that, then we also understand the impact, which true creativity can have and should have.
It can change our lives meaning in such a way, that eventually all our life becomes an artwork, filled with beauty, peace and deep joy.
This can certainly be described as "Source Touch Life" as a life from the origin.
Herein lies the deeper meaning of true creative activity.

Meaning and joy
Creative activity can give deeper meaning to our life and the result will be true joy.
If one finds his purpose in life, everything gets a focus and thus a direction.
Life gets an axis around which to rotate the wheel of life.
All energies now know where they have to flow.
Success will come one way or another.
Depending on the focus that we have, this success will be of internal or external nature.
Just as there is external wealth, there is also inner wealth.
One must know what one wants.
But the result of finding meaning in life is a pleasure without doubt.
That’s the reason it says, joy is the beautiful spark of the gods.
Exactly this spark of the gods brings light into our lives.

AdorationArt Philosophy

February 23rd, 2015

AdorationArt Philosophy



The Philosophy of Adoration Art Creativity by Karl Leonhardtsberger

This book is a meditation on the Creative Force in the true sense.
But meditation is never finished or complete.
You can always deeper and further meditate on one thing.
Therefore, this book is a beginning without end.
It will continue to grow over time.
The term Adoration Art includes, that creative activity is always a form of worship.
However, one never prays to the self, but worship always focuses on the origin and the center of all life.

The everlasting principle
You cannot stretch out your hand and take.
But you can very well open your hand, asking, trusting and receiving.
Under this method, the universe works.
Creative activity is subject to this principle as well.

The Vision
The vision of Adoration Art is the natural human being through a new understanding of creativity and its application in practice.
Liberating the original essence of man.
Promoting a culture of true heart.
Leading towards inner freedom and inner peace.
Contributing to freedom and peace in the world.

About Creative Force in general
The Creative Force between the creator and the work we call here horizontal.
This normally everyone understands easily.
The horizontal Creative Force serves as a base for the vertical Creative Force.
The vertical Creative Force is always a gift, which can only be received, when somebody works 100% from the most inner heart.
In this way the outcome can be much greater than anticipated.
True masterpieces may occur.